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Our Story


Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loves flowers. She spent hours after hours making wildflower wreaths for her playmates, outfits with handpicked flowers for her barbies and all kinds of flower artworks. For her, that’s the source of happiness. 

Since college, She had been trying to figure out what does this society really need. After few years of professional career in engineering, she finally realized she can provide far greater value by bringing soul to flowers and happiness to friends than train the soulless machines. Seeing the smiles from the people who received the flowers is truly priceless.


Nununectar was born in 2020. The owner Cynthia is presenting liberated yet elegant and harmony design style. The mission of nunuectar is to bring spark joy and forever memories to you and your love ones.

Our Inspiration

Nature and art lie at the centre of Nununectar. We love using seasonal flowers and follow their growth pattern to create a stunning living work of art. 

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