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Our Garden



We've carefully cultivated an eco-friendly garden surrounding our studio nestled beneath the mountains in Fremont, CA. Within our garden, you'll discover a vibrant mix of nature featuring more than 50 varieties of shrubs and perennials, each taking its turn to bloom throughout the year.

Moreover, we annually introduce more than 20 special varieties of annuals, with a deliberate focus on attracting beneficial insects. Our dedication to avoiding chemical applications on our plants contributes to our commitment to creating a garden that not only provides the best quality of products but also adds value to our neighborhood. 

Our Expertise

Having years of expertise in flower farming, we have gained deep insights into the blooming patterns of diverse flowers and plants. Our garden serves as an invaluable resource, enriching our understanding and enabling us to remain responsive to evolving climate conditions. These practices align seamlessly with our mission to deliver unparalleled and high-quality flowers to our valued clients.

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